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Dry It Yourself

A claims-free drying service

  • About

    Dry It Yourself was created to assist home owners to find a way to address smaller water damage issues in their homes by providing them the resources and equipment they may not have access to.


    Quick Response – 10 minute response guarantee and on site within 2 hours

    Professional Equipment – VC Renovation will provide you with the most up to date professional drying and monitoring equipment, to ensure your home dries efficiently and successfully the first time.

    Expert Advice – Let our professional and experienced staff assist you in developing the best package suitable for your home and water damage loss.


    Protect your home – Protecting your home and investement from long term water damage is crucial. Looking after water damage immediately can save thousands of dollars in long term damages and health concerns due to mould and bacteria.

    Keep your deductible safe – Today’s home insurance market is providing to have larger deductibles for those who may have presented a previous water claim. By utilizing our claims-free drying services, you can address water damage in a professional manner to help reduce future damages and keep your home dry and your insurance deductible safe.

    Keep your claims free discount – Insurers reward their clients with a claims free discount to recommend the best possible solution and offer a package wich fits your budget, saving your claims-free discount for a more substantial future concern.

  • All packages include :

    • On site and travel time
    • Water extraction
    • Apply disinfectant up to 1200sq feet
    • Moisture metering
    • Set up and take down equipment
    • No hidden fees!

    Package A:  $899 (up to 400 sq ft)

    • Inspection-locate affected area and recommendations
    • 3 air movers (up to 1 week)
    • 1 XL dehumidifier (up to one week)
    • Up to 6 hours of technician’s time


    Package B:   $1599 (400 to 800 sq ft)

    • Inspection- locate affected area and recommendations
    • 6 air movers (up to 1 week)
    • 1 XL dehumidifier (up to one week)
    • Up to 10 hours of technician’s time

    Package C:   $2499 (800 to 1200 sq ft)

    • Inspection – locate affected area and recommendations
    • 10 air movers (up to 1 week)
    • 2 XL dehumidifier (up to one week)
    • Up to 15 hours of technician’s time